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Patent Searches

FTO Searches: If you want to launch a new product in the market and keep it safe from infringement law suits, we can help you with that and more. We provide powerful insights which will protect you from infringement law suits

Landscape Analysis: To detect the change in industry trends and to find white spaces to direct your research and opportunities in the most beneficial direction, a landscape analysis is must.

Patentability/Novelty Searches: To check if your invention is novel and unique, we perform patentability searches with industry leading accuracy and quality. .

Invalidation searches: We help to check the validation of your patent or to protect your product from infringement law suits by invalidating a prior art. Moreover, we have the tools to dig deep and predict patent infringement allegation by a competitor.

Infringement analysis: We find out if a product in market is using your your patented intellectual property without your permission – which is backed up by carefully scoped data to construct a valid Infringement case.

Market Research

Product or solution searches: If you need a solution/product for a specific problem in your business, we have the expertise you need to find it for you. We try and offer you a solution that will not only have an immediate impact but also a solution that will be sustained in the future as well.

Competitive Intelligence: We help you recognize what your competitors are up to and their strategies to give you an advantage over them. We focus on the USP’s and the trends that your competitors are using to their advantage.

Technical Intelligence: We help you understand the current industry trends, new innovations and shift in industries so that you can strategize your offerings accordingly. Once you are aware of these trends and innovations you will be able to make business decisions that will result in immediate success.

Patent Drawings/illustrations:

We focus on delivering content created using a customized workflow to execute projects related to patent illustration.

This includes consultation with our clients to understand your requirements related to patent drawings.

Design/product Drawings: We help you create the most accurate and aesthetic design drawings for your patent applications and will act as a quick and easy way to understand the draft.

Utility/process Drawings: We help you in creating clear and understandable utility drawings for your patent applications. We focus on creating utility drawings that will not only be informative but also easy to comprehend.

Patent Application Drafting

We will help you in Patent Drafting which is the process of writing the patent description and claims.

Initialization: We receive your invention disclosure documents followed by an Interview with counsel and inventors.

Draft: We will share proposed claims and figures with counsel and incorporate the feedback from counsel and inventors.

Finalized Patent: We share the finalized patent application draft with counsel and regularly coordinate with both the inventor and the attorney.

Trademark Searches

Every business should have a comprehensive and reliable strategy which ensures that your brand if fully protected.

Word Mark searches
: If you want to register a unique brand name for your business, we help you check its availability. This will help you gathering more information before you make investing decision identification and branding

Design Mark searches: We help you check the availability of your business logo that you want to file. This will help you in making an informed investment decision towards your brand.

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